David Butler

Product Management, Business Development

Zürich, Switzerland


About David

Working with Information Technology since 1999, connecting the worlds of business and technology while combining Product Development and Technical Implementation. A knack for problem diagnosing & solving, and translating the needs of the market and clients into new features, refinements and products.

As a serial networker and social media aficionado, my love for testing beta versions of new products coming out of Zurich’s many startups and strong social presence, has made me a sought-after advisor in many industries.

As Zurich Director of Startup Grind, I build bridges between local and global entrepreneurs, experts, and executives.

Having worked on social and humanitarian projects for over 15 years in more than half a dozen countries, on four continents, I have acquired a first-hand understanding of global issues and the importance of human interaction. These experiences have given me a wealth of knowledge and insights that allow me to bring a global perspective to the vision and initiatives of the companies and individuals I consult.

In my personal life, a family man, snowboarder, and shutterbug.


If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late. - Reid Hoffman


Serial networker, Startup advisor!