David Butler

Zürich, Switzerland

Serial networker, Startup advisor!
David's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About David

Working with Information Technology since 1999, connecting the worlds of business and technology while combining Product Development and Technical Implementation. A knack for problem diagnosing & solving, and translating the needs of the market and clients into new features, refinements and products.

As a serial networker and social media aficionado, my love for testing beta versions of new products coming out of Zurich’s many startups and strong social presence, has made me a sought-after advisor in many industries.

As Zurich Director of Startup Grind, I build bridges between local and global entrepreneurs, experts, and executives.

Having worked on social and humanitarian projects for over 15 years in more than half a dozen countries, on four continents, I have acquired a first-hand understanding of global issues and the importance of human interaction. These experiences have given me a wealth of knowledge and insights that allow me to bring a global perspective to the vision and initiatives of the companies and individuals I consult.

In my personal life, a family man, snowboarder, and shutterbug.


If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late. - Reid Hoffman