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Berkeley, California, US

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I am a student of international political economy, development economics, and social enterprise. I see many problems in the Global South being caused by a lack of access to basic information and appropriate technologies. At the same time, there is a spiritual deficiency in the Global North caused by lack of meaningful work opportunities. My goal is to meet both of these needs through the creation of a collaborative network that our startup team is building on the web and on the ground throughout Latin America at the moment.

Our mission is to create and sustain an online platform that connects people and impact centers, encouraging resource sharing on the web and on the ground to catalyze planetary regeneration and individual transformation.

PNM recognizes that our cultural and socio-economic systems are out of balance with a sustainable and harmonious existence on this planet. Our goals are to empower and enable people to reconnect with the natural world and community through alternative and accessible work/education opportunities, to facilitate the new economic paradigm by building and actively living the change we wish to see in the world, and to facilitate the creation of regenerative communities through collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Practically, this would mean a matching tool connecting people, land-based projects, and events together. It is being modeled along the lines of Couchsurfing and other Sharing Economy models, using dual trust-based referencing systems.

We are looking for coaching, mentorship, a passionate developer (ideally one with experience living in the Global South), and a business and fundraising strategist.


U.C. Berkeley

Political Economy of Industrial Societies

2008 - 2008

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