David Coleman

San Francisco, California, US

David's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About David

I have spent the last 25 years as an industry analyst, author and consultant in the collaboration space (4 books). I see the way businesses are changing the way they work, and collaboration is even more important for distributed teams. However, most people have poor collaborative skills. My startup, (TeamSkillsPro) believes we can increase team productivity by up to 25%, not with a new tool, or processes improvement, but rather through behavior. We are developing a sophisticated scenario tool that allows teams and team members to understand what the best and most productive type of interaction they can have in any collaborative work situation. We do this through a series of simulations with engaging game-like qualities. I have done similar consulting engagements with large enterprises and they turned out very well, now we are taking this idea to the next level by providing a low-cost, high value, subscription service for teams and team leaders. We are currently looking for money, development or strategic partners, and possibly another co-founder.