David Doran-Marshall

Dallas, Texas, US

User Experience and Game Designer
David's Skills
Product Management

About David

I have a track record of being involved deeply in the creative side as well as the leadership of projects that I'm on. From Boy Scouts in High School to the Lacrosse club in college, I always find myself in positions to help grow and foster the people around me. Later in grad school I found myself guiding team projects as well as contributing to them, and in my 10 year career since the pattern has continued. This is the reoccurring theme of my life: to be the go-to person that people seek for big picture issues, while making sure that I understand the nitty gritty first hand. My latest side project is called Hatchlight, an indie game studio I co-founded with colleagues. Hatchlight is focused on rapid development of indie iOS games. Our first released game is called "Rescue Love Revenge" and is available in the app store now; message me for a promo code. RLR's development has only just started and we will make continuous updates as we expand into our niche.

Work Experience

Level Designer


October 2013 - December 2016