David Hegermiller

Boston, Massachusetts, US

David's Skills
Product Management

About David

I consider myself a fast learning, go-getter with a well rounded background. Aside from technical skills like programming, machining, and design of mechanical and aeronautical systems, I'm also efficient, highly organized, and interact well with customers and co-workers.

I currently work full time in the aerospace industry, and in my free time I work on side engineering projects of interest. I co-founded a company to design and build solar powered drones for commercial applications, which gave me invaluable experience in the evolution of a start-up. Recently, I successfully launched and completed a Kickstarter project to build a unique engineering structure after raising over 160% of the funding goal. I co-managed a team of twelve individuals, and had direct control over every aspect of the project, from design and construction, to logistics and marketing.

I pride myself in my ability to think outside the box to arrive at creative solutions, and I never lose sight of the big picture. To know more about me, feel free to reach out or connect with me on LinkedIn. I would be excited to hear what you are doing.