David Helms

Arlington, Virginia, US

David's Skills
Product Management

About David

I have executed a lot of roles in several startups.

I'm currently a VP of a Cyber Security organization with P&L responsibilities. I've been a Director of Product Management and Professional Services. I started my career as a very hands on sales engineer, so I've been on the front lines with customers in both a sales and support capacity.

My background has been in network, Internet and cyber security technologies. Including some of the following startup companies:
- CloudShield Technologies
- Check Point Software Technologies
- SynOptics Networks

Although this profile process makes you declare specific areas or interest, at this point in my career I'm most interested in the impact that a product or solution can have on a customer's business or life and less in the specific area of technology. I'm looking for a team that has passion for the business and the camaraderie and commitment to see it through.