David Hough

San Jose, California, US

David's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About David

Have an idea for a green business that needs fleshing out - I am 72 years old so if business takes off like I think it could, co-founder would inherit large amount of stock - I have one partner already - He is presently my Housemate. - He has great experience being an IT Manager - He is also a disabled veteran. I get 30% of stock - my IT Manager gets 25% of stock. Co-founder gets 25% stock, last 20% will be sold. Majority of people we hire will be "Wounded Warriors" - Minimum wage for all employees will be $15.00 starting pay.
Business is a "laser etching" business. Will be completely portable and completely GREEN. Completely new concept and different - I know it sounds "off the Wall" but I think forward thinking person will see great future for concept including possibility of becoming a Franchiser.