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New York, New York, US

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I'm interested in all sorts of hard-tech startups, my goal is to make hard-tech look more like software development...how do you iterate a physical good as quickly as software? How do you get customer feedback? How do you scale up quickly and with little capital intensity?

I've started my own company, and worked in startups and have a strong understanding of the challenges of working with startups. I'm especially passionate about renewable energy/energy storage and have a strong background in these technologies and markets. I went through the NSF's Innovation Corps training with Steve Blank and have a strong customer development background (Steve even used me as an example for a while in his presentations).

I'm looking for people who have strong values and complementary skills. Ideas are less important to me than a good team who want to work together and enjoy doing it. Ideas are a dime a dozen, teams that work together well are truly special, shared values, fun and an understanding of the market will bring interesting ideas and a business that works. Everything else is a recipe for failure.

Feel free to get in touch, I'm interested in advisory roles as well as potentially larger roles if the right one comes along.


Yale University

BS Engineering

2011 - 2011


cleantech open

Yale Entrepreneurial Institute