David Lester

Montreal, Canada

David's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About David

Hey there. I'm David, founder and eBusiness strategist at ed interactive group. ed provides an education-based sales and marketing approach further applying lean start-up, inbound and content marketing practices.

Either me or ed can work as a co-founder or as an outsource CMO/CDO/CMT for B2B/B2C companies that produce truly innovative green DIY technologies.

I'm looking to partner with you if you are ready/already making incremental strides or giant leaps to improve upon the existing status quo--perhaps with a vision in line with William McDonough's, "Cradle to Cradle' Design and Manufacturing/Certification, http://www.c2ccertified.org/ outlined with the following quote:

"Imagine a world in which all the things we make, use, and consume provide nutrition for nature and industry—a world in which growth is good and human activity generates a delightful, restorative ecological footprint.

"While this may seem like heresy to many in the world of sustainable development, the destructive qualities of today’s cradle-to-grave industrial system can be seen as the result of a fundamental design problem, not the inevitable outcome of consumption and economic activity. Indeed, good design—principled design based on the laws of nature—can transform the making and consumption of things into a regenerative force."