David Leventer

Brisbane, Australia

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Product Management
Business Development

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First time founder

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About David

Hi I am an Entrepreneur currently based in Brisbane Australia,

I have been involved in numerous businesses over the years from Blockbuster Video stores (way back!) to Gelati Franchises to a major telecommunications company. I have also been business coaching a number of years and have spent a LOT of time on personal development and my mental game. I currently have a traditional Media business in the Real Estate market and have looked on how I can scale the business. Since then I have developed a disruptive concept and comprehensive idea/business model, product MVP and also have taken the idea to market to get feedback, which is going well. This business idea is one that can be easily taken world wide and I am looking for a technical co-founder to help me make this happen. Moving to the US is also something I am keen to do as things get moving.

If you are interested to find out more please fell free to contact me. Only looking for dedicated commitment to the project.




Create a Big Vision and add value to everyone along the journey - Dave L