David M

Dallas, Texas, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About David

I am interested in providing strategy and guidance and encouragement to entrepreneurs along with competence and experience. I am happy to advise or be involved in building the company. I have a very firm grasp of all of the elements of starting and managing a business as well as creating a competent business plan. I have also created a class on entrepreneurship that I have taught to college seniors as well that was geared toward the entrepreneur just getting started however, based on some of these discussions would be valuable for some of these "experienced" entrepreneurs. Lot of incomplete and bad advice on these forums.

Most entrepreneurs do more talking than starting, so I am looking to join someone who wants to make their business a very profitable reality. I would love to bring my abilities to the right company.

I have been around enough well rounded successful people. Never met one who claimed to be an "expert." Most self proclaimed experts I meet seem to know the least. I think that would sum up part of my thinking :) Know it alls, negative criticism, and egos have no place in entrepreneurship..or life really.


Cox School for Business

Masters in Business Entrepreneurship

2011 - 2012


Deans Circle

Business Leadership Center