David Maltz

San Francisco, California, US

Strategic advisor and consultant for medical device and digital health development & innovation
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Medical Device Product Development
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About David

With over 25 years in product design & development, the last 15 of those focused on life science and med tech, I have developed a unique perspective on consumer-facing medical devices. As an innovation catalyst with “T-shaped” skillset, I combine deep product design and development experience with broad competency in strategic business and management. My firm Intervalent was founded to support the development of products and companies that marry sophisticated technologies with elegant and accessible design to meet all regulatory requirements.

My career has encompassed technical and leadership positions in firms that span consulting, startups, midcap biotech, and Big Pharma. This range includes extensive inhaled drug delivery product development experience as well as early involvement bringing Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) and digital health products to market.

As an independent consultant and advisor, I continue to be interested in the harmonious integration of medical devices and information technology, including assessment of product-market fit and the development of digital biomarkers and digital medicines. My approach is rooted in design thinking methodologies, drawing on my hands-on understanding of the product development process from concept to manufacturing, and how this process can work most efficiently in the context of the medical device regulatory environment.


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Work Experience

Managing Partner


September 2016 - December 2016

Intervalent focuses on the intersection of medical devices, consumer electronics, digital health, and the consumerization of healthcare. This includes development of product strategies that encompass engineering, design, regulatory and clinical considerations.


Stanford University

BSE - Product Design

1985 - 1989

Stanford Graduate School of Business


1999 - 2001

Stanford University

MSE - Manufacturing Systems Engineering

1999 - 2001