David Pauling

Bellevue, Washington, US

David's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About David

Short Bio… David Pauling… 85 years old and… technically challenged.
1945-1953… U. S. Marine Corps… “Gunnery Sergeant”… WWII and Korea.
1954-2005… licensed contractor, Project/Manufacturing Manager, CEO, business owner.
2005-2009… AmeriCorps VISTA Leader… fighting poverty, searching for the antidote.
2009-Current… Perfecting the Vaccine… seeking best delivery method…
2012… Found it… http://www.MainStreetValues.org & .com
I need a younger set of eyes who is truly interested in Building a Cooperative America...

OUR PATHWAY http://www.MainStreetValues.org
Our Non-profit Opportunity Centers will aggressively promote the social/economic advantages of local cooperative ownership methodologies.
We will connect and collaborate with all commercial, social, civic and educational entities, seeking endorsement and support of our life-changing end results, a self sustainable citizen-owned economy.

THE NEXT STEP http://www.MainStreetValues.com
Our for-profit Consumer Cooperative will implement our citizen-investment methodologies, retaining conglomerate-like equity interest in clusters of worker-member cooperatives; auditing all management decisions and administrating the strategic and organizational planning and decision making process.
The industry-specific clusters of worker-owner cooperatives will create and deliver consumer needs for Made in USA goods and services; citizen-financed by creating an initial Founder’s 1000 from the “conscientious consumers” who are willing to invest as little as $1 a day for one thousand days, at which time each Founder receives full rights to one vote in our consumer cooperative decision making process, and are entitled to a patronage return on their equity investment.