David Phume


San Francisco, California, US

A thinker and futurist, founder of showlab.tv
David's Skills
User Interface Prototyping
Prototype Framework
Creative Conception
Seed Capital
Growth Hacking
Branding & Identity
Business Intelligence
Adobe Creative Suite
Business Development

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

Age Group


About David

Founder of a successful media and publishing company, The companies are self-sustainable which has enabled me the opportunity to venture into new startups, mainly tech , either by investing, partnership or building from scratch. I have a strong design and creative background having won more than 10 creative accolades. A thinker, futurist who just likes to create stuff. I am looking to connect for partnerships and investing in early businesses, my approach to business is very nibble and organic. I am interested in neuroscience, Neural interfaces, genomics, nano-tech and other cool stuff.