David Saad

San Jose, California, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

About David

Dr. Saad is a seasoned executive and a serial entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience in the software industry. He founded 6 companies among which 4 exited and 2 failed. Those successes and failures form character and bring maturity, humility, and wisdom. While he raised some funding for one of his companies, he managed to bootstrap the rest, and grow one of them to become over $40 million in revenues without any outside investment.

The combination of his broad and deep knowledge of the software industry combined with his technical background, analytical capability, creativity, attention to details, and relentless pursuit for excellence resulted in 9 innovative products some of which won industry awards. Such skills and talent make him uniquely qualified to lead ambitious projects.

Whether it is closing a competitive deal, implementing an inconceivable feature, or meeting an unattainable deadline, his team always seems to pull it off earning him the title of Motivator-in-Chief and the nick name Energizer Bunny. He attributes his success in his professional career to the high work ethics that he acquired from his athletic career.

In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Dr. Saad is an angel investor, advisor, and mentor to several startups at several accelerators/incubators from LA to Dubai. He is also a blogger, panelist, moderator, and speaker at conferences and universities including UCLA, USC, Pepperdine, Chapman, and several business schools in India on topics related to entrepreneurship including funding, bootstrapping, product management, innovation, market analysis, etc. He published several white papers.

Dr. Saad earned a PhD in computer science with high honors from University of Paris. He is a world class judo athlete and a national senior tennis player. He speaks English, French, Arabic, and a bit of Hebrew. He lived in the US, Canada, France, India, Lebanon, and Israel.


Concordia University

BSc Computer Mathematics

1976 - 1976

McGill University

Masters of Science

1980 - 1980

University of Paris, France


1984 - 1984