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David Seber Industrial Hemp Bio
Mr Seber has been formally involved in the Industrial Hemp “movement” since 1992. He is originator and co-founder of C&S Specialty Builder’s Supply which evolved to Fibre Alternatives.
The main work of these companies was and is to develop and demonstrate Hemp based composite applications for building materials, and later, biofuels and chars( for agricultural supplements) .
Mr Seber has been associated or initiated the development of Hemp based building materials applications with many commercial building material manufacturers, and academic institutions including the Building Materials and Engineering Laboratory at Washington State University, Virgina Polytech Univ, Indiana Univ, and others. He co-authored the paper “Bast Fiber Applications for Composites” published by the Forest Products Society and presented at The 30th Annual World Particleboard/Composite Materials Symposium in Pullman, Wa 1996
Some of the hemp based applications that Mr Seber helped to develop and demonstrate through the production of lab prototypes include:
1. Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) panels
2. Resin/fiber (“natural fiberglass) prototypes
3. Inorganic bonded insulation and aggregates (cements)
4. Hemp derived and non-formaldehyde binders
Mr Seber is the owner of Fibre Alternatives which is a hemp based composite development and bioenergy consulting service. He has recently created a poster entitled “21st Century Industrial Hemp Composite & Energy Applications with a companion CD including MR Seber’s testimony(3/26/09) at the Oregon State Senate that led to the eventual legalization of industrial hemp in Oregon in anticipation of future corresponding federal industrial hemp legalization legislation.
Mr Seber completed development and negotiations with Forrest Paint Company of Eugene, Or for the production of Hemp Shield which is the first modern hemp oil based wood finish and deck sealer. Hemp Shield began a joint operation with Forrest Technical Coatings (formerly Forrest Paint Company) Eugene,OR of production, distribution, fulfillment and marketing on a domestic and worldwide basis in January of 2010. Hemp Shield Wood Finish & Deck Sealer has been successfully sold for many years as has Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment.
Mr Seber helped design and participate in the first university level course on industrial hemp with the College of Wood Engineering WSE 266 Industrial Hemp on their award winning eCampus


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Work Experience

Guest Lecturer

Oregon State University

January 2012 - December 2016


C & S Specialty Builder's Supply

January 1992 - July 1995

Industrial Hemp R & D MDF, fiber-resin, hemp composites


Hemp Shield Company LLC

January 2010 - Today

http://youtu.be/IRUuQa_ddBg Hemp Shield Wood Finish & Deck Sealer and Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment are revolutionary hybrid water borne penetrating oil products, Very Low VOC (9g/l), NO HAP (hazardous air pollutants)nofumes (Can be used both interior and exterior), tools clean up with soap and water, non-formaldehyde based algicide, fungicide and mildewcide, no tanin bleed through on cedar, truly one coat, high coverage, competitively priced.

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