David Shack

Boston, Massachusetts, US

David's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About David

I am a co-founder of Spogo, a predictive social game for sports. My partner and I are looking for a talented developer to continue the application build process. We have designed an initial demo iPhone application using flash. We are now looking to build the full application for iOS using Objective-C and Cocoa.

Spogo offers sports fans an interactive, second screen experience while they watch their favorite teams. During the game, users can make predictions on the outcome of the next play. Correct predictions gain points, and points unlock rewards from sponsored partners. Spogo will ultimately become the platform through which fans interact with the game and with one another.

Andrew has been in finance at a mid-market investment bank in NYC for the past two years. David is in marketing at a global ad agency in Boston. Both will be full-time Spogo employees beginning in early July. Andrew and David have been great friends for the past six plus years.

If you are a talented iOS developer looking for an exciting new project, this is for you. Ideally, we want someone experienced in design, front and back end development. With that, feel free to reach out to me (David - david@playspogo.com). We’re offering a significant equity stake in the business, as well as compensation pending an initial round of funding. Currently, we are in discussions with multiple interested angel investors, and expect to raise capital by the end of summer.