David Shaw

Very experienced electrical engineer looking to solve that next great DSP opportunities.
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User Experience
Product Management

About David

I'm an electrical engineer with an MS degree and an emphasis in DSP.
I love technical challenges involving audio and data communications at the layer 1 level.
I have worked for my whole career on products and projects that require care and attention to provide excellent solutions to customers problems.
I have worked extensively on applications that require adaptive filtering for either echo cancellation, system identification or equalization.
I look forward to helping you solve your complicated problems.


"Mediocrity, the surrender to the average, that good which is not bad, but enemy of the best, that is our besetting danger" - Goethe

Work Experience

Member of Technical Staff

Bell Labs

September 1981 - September 1988

Product development of modems. Provided DSP software and hardware for V.22, and V.32 modems. Designed and implemented all the DSP functions for the AT&T 2248 and 2296 dial up modems.

Senior Consultant

PA Consulting group

September 1988 - January 1990

Development of MaxiCode label reader for United Parcel Service. Barcode detection. Mica magnetic character recognition for checks. Neural network recognition of hand written numerical digits. Narrow band radio for United Parcel Service.

Distinguished Member of Technical Staff

AT&T Bell Labs

January 1990 - January 1997

Development of modem for VideoPhone 2500 Development of DSL chipsets Development of V.34 and V.90 modems functions Development of full-duplex speakerphones for video telephony products including desktop ISDN phones and conference room video-conferencing equipment

Distinguished Member of Technical Staff


January 1997 - January 2000

elemedia was an internal venture of Bell Labs that closed in 1999. Development of Native Audio for PC applications including speech coders, speakerphones and music coders

Consulting Member of Technical Staff


January 2000 - March 2014

Wifi customer support for OEM customers Modem enhancements for Native Audio based modems also known as WinModem etc Systems Engineer for Modem Analog and Digital chipsets Simulation and implementation of layer 1 functions for cellular radio Signal interpolation and synchronization of receiver for Sirius Satellite Radio Network echo canceler for Media Gateway chipset for network based carrier grade equipment

Senior Audio Signal Processing Engineer


October 2015 - Today

Providing signal processing solutions for removing acoustic feedback in situations involving microphone and Public Address Systems.


department 13

November 2016 - Today

Providing signal analysis of radio signals from drones.


Brigham Young University


1976 - 1980

Brigham Young University


1980 - 1981