David Smith

Bedford, United Kingdom

David's Skills
Product Management

About David

I'm a self-taught software engineer with over 10 years experience working in a number of tech roles covering the full stack. I gave up working a typical 9-5 job a few years ago, switching to contracting and now to developing my own product ideas.

I'm currently in the process of drafting a business plan for my business idea which involves the use of Graph databases. If you're not familiar with the graph, that would be understandable. It is a very new technology but is having a huge impact on the global database market. Amazon use Graph databases to power their product recommendations systems, Facebook use them to model social relationships, and Deutsche Post use them to route packages through their physical logistics networks.

The product I am planning to create will bring this exciting technology and its massive benefits to businesses that would otherwise be unable to leverage the technology.

I require a knowledgeable, experienced business developer to come to take care of sales, marketing and to help with writing the business plan and, if we decide to, raising finance.