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Kirkland, Washington, US

President of GoodLifeMission.com, FreeKindPosters.life,MagicMirrorquotes.com,WorldKindnessCard.com,
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About David

I've got an excellent launch-ready site in GoodLifeMission.com that is super-helpful to anyone visiting it. Here is the basic USP:

"Everyone has hidden money leaks in their personal finances -- leaks that often surprise people with the amount of damage they do. Finally there's an easy way to transform these leaks into a big financial boost that's easily worth thousands of dollars. GoodLifeMission.com wants to give away seven 'Good Life Bonuses' to boost everyone's health, safety and financial freedom."

The gains reviewers are reporting, ranging from $6000 to $85,000, may seem too much for you to believe. Try it for free at http://www.GoodLifeMission.com/goodtune7.htm, and you can see for yourself. You'll be doing yourself and your family a huge favor in the process. We'll all of us ascend in mutual abundance and kind, encouraging support -- including all your customers and mine. Some people think that "cash is king" in business especially when starting out, but I prefer to believe "character and relationships are co-Emperors."

My personal bio and many more fascinating projects are described in my creative portfolio:: http://www.GoodLifeMission.com/portfolio-lpx.html (It's a a good idea to at least skim through it now.)

I've been unwilling to launch the site because of little funding -- and my marketing experience is limited. So the company needs marketers who would like to earn easy money by recruiting new customers, and/or investors interested in profiting from its likely future growth.

If you have marketing skills, or you'd like to offer my product to your customers as a bonus, I'll be more than happy to JV with you. When you market a great product like GoodLifeMission.com to customers who trust you, you will benefit in five different ways:

-Affiliate cash stream: Most affiliates will receive 40% of the first year's subscription fee, you will receive 60% as an early partner.

-Credibility building: Your audience will thank and appreciate you for creating dollar gains for them worth thousands per year. Your prestige will be magnified in their eyes. They will be more likely than ever to like, trust and buy from you.

-Audience spending power: Now that your audience has more money to spend, they will want to buy something. Preferably from someone they like and trust of course.

-Product exposure: You can give me the copy for your flagship product, I'll promote it.

-Subscribe for free to my site, and more importantly get great answers from a well-being advocate to any questions you may have about health, safety and financial freedom. 

If you're an infoproduct marketer, I'll listen to any ideas you may have on the commission you want to be paid.

If you're an investor, here are some ways you might profit:

-Take on the role of "Incubator" and help jumpstart a launch. It's common for an incubator to get 6% of the company in exchange for $50,000 of funding. However I realize I can't ask for that yet because I haven't established proof of ability to convert paying customers. Therefore investor(s) could acquire a percentage of the company in exchange for something on the order of $10,000, no more investment is needed because of the nearly-complete status of the site.

-You can offer to buy a majority share of the company and hire me either as an executive, or as a transitional consultant to get everything running smoothly and sustainably.

-If you don't want to invest, but you believe you know someone interested, I'll pay you an finder's fee or agent's commission. I would be willing to give you 5% of whatever amount I make from the deal.

In closing, I encourage you to contact me using Cofounders messaging or at my site's contact form. I'd love to hear your ideas about how we can prosper together from launching this site!


If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. - Dalai Lama

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June 2017 - Today

I'm the founder of GoodLifeMission.com, a site that works for the benefit of people everywhere to help expand their health, safety and financial freedom. I've already fully described the company under the "About David" heading. Customers receive many of the best personal success tips known to consumer advocates and well-being experts, clearly explained and uniquely customized to their needs so they can experience the greatest benefit possible.


Ark Royal Software

February 1998 - January 2011

I've run my own company for almost 20 years, originally as a proprietor operating as Ark Royal Software. My first success was doing PPC campaigns as an affiliate marketer, making $70,000 for a couple of years. I operated a magazine site called 100-free-magazines.com through 2004, offering risk-free trials for many different magazines which made some tens of thousands per year. That and my family's other financial successes allowed me the financial freedom to only dabble with the Internet for the next decade. This included much time developing GoodLifeMission.com since 2005. Unfortunately, family sicknesses dissuaded me from launching until this summer. My mother developed senile dementia and I was the one taking care of her. I became depressed and developed health problems as well, which I have solved and I now regard as private medical history. I now wish I'd handled everything more wisely, but mistakes happen to teach us wisdom. I owe many thanks to the supplements offered by AskHealthyWay.com and I'm an evangelist of theirs. If you wish for better health and partial rejuvenation, I recommend that you intelligently sort through their offerings. They give good answers as their site name implies, and I'll help you get healthier too. I definitely invite you to ask me questions that aren't just about business, I'll help you work out which supplements could work for you, given your particular state of health. I've now done with Ark Royal Software and am now starting a new company named "GoodLifeMission.com". After many redesigns to finally make it a highly useful site with excellent profit potential, I'm looking for people who can market it and provide financial backing for its likely future growth, which has the potential to become meteoric.


Oregon State University

Called to work before I could finish CompSci degree

1979 - 1984