David Thor

Boston, Massachusetts, US

David's Skills
Product Management

About David

I'm an avid technologist with a passion for helping small businesses scale and grow. I founded Arcus Solutions in 2013 with the mission of building large-scale products for small businesses that could support their long-term efforts. It is this passion that has helped Arcus grow into a leading source of both engineering talent and application development consulting.

Prior to founding Arcus Solutions, I worked with a variety of organizations both large and small to help design and develop robust, multi-client applications. These companies included the payments giant PayPal, where I worked to develop the android application PayPal Here, as well as Attend.com, where I took lead on the development of a secure API for client usage.

Having come from a software background, I'm currently looking for a business development professional with a similar passion for for technology that can help expand Arcus Solutions' business on both the product and consulting side. We have a unique platform that is in the works that will aid the growth of both portions of our business if we can put it in front of the right people. I'm always happy to meetup for coffee or drinks with fellow entrepreneurs, so don't hesitate to reach out.