David Trehane

Bournemouth, United Kingdom

CEO / product manager at Cropdesk.com
David's Skills
Product Management

About David

I'm a product guy. I identified a sweet spot in the market for SAAS software to help the produce industry, I invested my own seed money and I now have a working product built to a high standard.
I'm fine with low level business stuff and I'm not a first time business person, but what I lack is the ability and confidence to manage the BUSINESS at the level that this project needs and deserves.

I'm looking for somebody who compliments my skills to come on this journey with me.
Location's not that important as Cropdesk will be global pretty quickly. What is important is your business skills, ability to size the potential market and fine tune the business plan and potential around that, relationship with funders, some experience of the target market in an ideal world and how well you gel with me.

Work Experience

Founder / Product manager


September 2014 - December 2016