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Why would you prefer a computer that breaks?

San Francisco, United States
Startup stage
Technical, Marketing, Business Development, Design, Product Management, Sales, Finance, Operations, Management, User Experience, Strategy, Fundraising
"Marketing beats technology every time."--there may be exceptions but none that are important. So, I have a novel approach to ultra-reliable computing and need more technical people, but I also need a strong market team and a solid sales team to back them up. The first prototype is almost done and the pitch deck is ready for some serious scrubbing. Corporate culture is vital to this market and hence to the company. One immediate consequences is that off-shoring is out of the question until the company is established. I would consider working with people within 2-3 timezones but there would have to be a significant commitment to on-site presence, especially in the first six months. What I am looking for are few more people. The key dedication to quality. Lives will depend on our products. I have room for one more founder, in the sales or marketing area, as well as the first few engineers. Engineers must have a hardware and/or kernel software level. I expect key positions to open up over the 12 months after funding.

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