David Wegman

San Francisco, California, US

David's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About David

I am a software generalist and enjoy wearing a variety of hats needed by startups.

After successfully exiting my video infrastructure company two years ago and working for the acquiring company, I'm thinking about jumping into the deep end again with another startup.

My idea is in the transportation sector, and would likely involve selling to the federal government. I'm currently in the initial market research phase to assess its viability. If you have experience selling data services to government agencies, we should connect.

I'm especially interested in the healthcare, environmental, transportation, and financial tech industries, as I see huge untapped potential for the use of technology in each of these areas. I enjoy solving problems using web services, big data, automation, optimization, and machine learning.

If your idea is compelling and piques my interest, I could potentially jump on board with you as a cofounder. Also open to serving in a technical advisory role.


Brown University

Computer Science

1996 - 1996