Dayo Balogun

Business Development

London, United Kingdom


About Dayo

After creating a music startup ( with registered user number of over 16k users and counting, we discover that users want a collaborative and more social ways of listening and discovering new music.

Whilst users still prefer to listen to music in solitary mode (by themselves), they also believe that the discovery of new music should be more organic, i.e. music shared or played by friends or like-minded individuals.

With that in mind we came up with the idea for TrackBeat: A music Broadcasting, Discovery and distribution platform. An outlet where music can simultaneously and organically be discovered and listened together in real time.

Our vision is to provide a platform where music can be discovered, curated and saved amongst loved ones and like minded people - thus providing an environment where music memories can be created from songs users have played amongst themselves.

If you’re interested, a very early stage of the wireframe can be shared with you.

Product Management