DC Alm

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Product Management

About DC

I'm brazillian. I'm married with a wonder woman (no pun intended) and I have a nice 4-yr little boy.
I used to live in Asia in the past 2 years and I've realized that E-sports (video games that are played at a professional level) scene is quite huge there (in Europe and USA as well).
Just for your curiosity, USA, Korea and China are issuing visa for E-sports athletes to live in those countries. Awesome!
Since I have more than 10 years of experience dealing with events (local and international) and ruling of card games, board games and whatnot, I decided to design an E-sports myself.
Look, I'm really good at design things and I believe that I came up with a pretty solid Digital Card Game (currently the hottest gaming trend) to be played as an e-sport.
However, I have to test this assumption first in order to validate this game as a valid candidate for an e-sports.
Now enters you!
You'll help me out in a Lean Startup format: creating a business model canvas, creating hypothesis and testing them with players, iterating and pivoting the business model canvas based on players feedback and tests.
Even though I can speak english with some comfort, as you already figured out, I'm not a native english speaker, so I'm unable right now to create the marketing material in english like: blog posts, website copy, game terms, engage in communities and whatnot.
So a Marketer Co-Founder is really fundamental and I hope we have fun and get rich while participating in one of the most excited trends of all time!