Dean Dieker

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Software Engineer at Tapjoy | TM and Curriculum Architect at Startup Institute
Dean's Skills

About Dean

I was born and raised in the midwest, and moved to the Boston area to study engineering. I studied bioengineering and spent a summer working at a YC company (summer 2006 in Cambridge) I had founded with three of my college friends. After that I worked in the defense industry for two years, followed by a three-year career at a large karate studio. In 2012 I went through Startup Institute and re-joined the tech community. I have since been working as a software engineer for Tapjoy, a mobile advertising company. I remain passionate about teaching and education, and pursue that by teaching people how to code through Startup Institute's RampUp program. I love being active in the community and sharing my story with others who are interested in getting into the tech community.

Work Experience

Teacher Mentor / Curriculum Architect

Startup Institute

January 2013 - December 2016