Deepak Penesetti MD

New York, New York, US

founder + CEO of Hello Session -- mental health care through video
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About Deepak

I didn't watch a lot of Sharktank (though I love the show) and then decide to start a business. I became a doctor to obtain mastery knowing that I am an entrepreneur by birth. I am the founder of Hello Session ( -- a digital mental health marketplace.

Training and working as a "Triple Boarder" physician (Pediatrics, Adult/Child Psychiatry), I formulated a much needed solution for mental health. Hello will convert what are now considered 'medical services' into affordable and convenient consumer ones. All this, while actually improving quality of care (unlike the many well-intentioned yet diluted, digital mental health solutions out there now).

With relationships cultivated amongst doctors, local/state/federal administrators and national organizations such as the American Psychiatric Association, I am poised to execute this solution at an enterprise level.

We are looking for an IT partner who has a strong development background and versed in healthcare specifics, including HIPPA and HITECH. Someone exhilarated by being on the cutting edge of both telehealth and mental health and working with some of the most brilliant, connected and respected minds in healthcare, business and government.

Hello is my first dedicated entrepreneurial effort since completing medical training. However, while in medical training, I started Imagine Health (, a healthcare vertical within Fictionless ( It too is a marketplace -- acting as an intermediary producer for leaders in the medical community to work with premium creative professionals to create high-end film and social engagement campaigns. There isn't a large market for this work, but our partners have included: Ivy league hospitals, the United Nations, fortune 100 corporations, celebrities, philanthropic foundations, and sports heroes.

For this reason, Hello essentially has an in-house Oscar/Emmy/CLIO winning creative agency, with 9 years of niche expertise in marketing to patients and providers. We leverage the industry-honed techniques that Fictionless has used for corporate giants, resulting in social engagement campaigns with up to 70M digital impressions.


New York University 8 year combined BA/MD program


2000 - 2004

NYU School of Medicine

MD and Pre-Doctoral Research Fellowship

2005 - 2011


Triple Board Residency and Fellowship training -Pediatrics, Adult, Child Psychiatry

The Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City

Co-working Space


2013 - Today


2014 - 2017