Demond Mullen, MBA, SSBB, CITAM

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Demond's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Demond

My early childhood was spent in Georgia and then my family moved to Maryland when I was six. My father often smoked meat for the family which is when I forged my emotional connection with smoking. One thing I enjoy personally is watching and playing sports as a young child through to an adult. While playing sports - I always wanted to be the best and realized then that each player is only as good as the team When I have some free time, I try to do things that I enjoy such as
spending time with my family and friends as well as watch movies.

While my dream is to grow my BBQ business, I am a big believer of a work life balance for continued sustainability. I tend to be very focused and driven which is why my desire for success is insatiable. Those core values that were instilled in me as a young boy have largely shaped who I am today as an adult.

In 2003, after obtaining my bachelor’s degree in logistics, transportation and supply chain management, I moved to Delaware and then to Philadelphia where I live today. Throughout my career, I have held a variety of positions and in each position, I have utilized my innate leadership quality and driven change wherever the need is

My dream has always been to have my own business. I truly believe that to be a successful business owner, you need a unique combination of know-how, drive, vision, and dedication. You need the perseverance and determination to do what it takes to turn your dream into a reality and I’m there. Through Streetside BBQ, I'm reaching for my dream.

I'm looking for candidates who is as passionate as me and who help me position my company for growth by marketing and promoting Streetside BBQ's catering business, Streetside BBQ's homemade bbq sauces, rubs and smoked almonds.