Denis Berkovich

Berlin, Germany

open-minded, Vision-Entrepreneur
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The key for happiness and success is to follow your subconsciousness - Denis Berkovich

Work Experience



October 2009 - July 2013

- May 2012 -> April 2013 -- consolidation of the total it costs in the national and international T-Systems units -- reporting of the IT costs to the upper management of T-Systems and Deutsche Telekom AG -- writing the bachelor thesis: "Conception and implementation of a international homogeneous booking and reporting structure" - Getting a LOI in the 4th semester in the controlling department of T-Systems - May 2011 -> October 2011 -- Creating a concept of the most efficient strategies to reduce costs for BMW car tests - November 2010 -> March 2011: -- Developing a software in GroovyOnGrails to manage all kind of different CAD-data which are needed for the CAD-Software Dassault - August 2010 -> September 2010: -- Conception and implementation of the first student mentoring program for Deutsche Telekom in Leinfelden --> Therefore getting the honor to meet the former board member of human resources Thomas Sattelberger - March 2010 -> May 2010: -- Development of a data consolidation tool for T-Systems customer AutoBild - October 2009 -> January 2010: -- Development of an intuitive and extensive test environment in the programming language C for the software FiNAS (Fahrzeug- Informations und Administrationssystem) which is used by Daimler. -- Developing team management tools for the team manager in VBA

Financial Consultant


July 2013 - June 2015

- being self-employed as financial consultant with the permissions §34c and §34d in cooperation with MLP - attending very useful selling lessons at the MLP Corporate University - gained great knowledge about life, property insurances, conscious speaking, cold calling, positive communication, self presenting, continuous selling practice from initial point of contact to deal closing

Co-Founder & Managing Director


January 2015 - May 2016

- my role: representing the company as managing director, developing the internet platform as CTO in RubyOnRails, Postgres, HTML, JavaScript, Foundation - Co-founded together with Holger Grüneberg, Marcin Zielinski, Kevin Klein and Axel Springer Plug and Play - As of the legislative change „Bestellerprinzip“ in June 2015 a new smart idea had been developed by Marcin Zielinski and Holger Grüneberg. Before the legislative change the tenant had to pay a lot of money to the real estate agent to rent a flat. After this change the orderer of the real estate agent had to pay the agent. In most of the cases the orderer is the landlord and he is not willing to pay as much money as the tenant had paid. This problem had been solved by the company nesthub. With nesthub the landlord was able to find the perfect tenant fast and easy by defining criterias as e.g. salary, number of household members ect. which had been matched by the criterias of the applicants. Afterwards the landlord got a clear overview of all candidates sorted by their matching rate (scoring) and was able to manage (invite, decline, accept, delete, write messages to) the applicants with just two clicks.


DHBW Stuttgart

Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science

2009 - 2012

MLP Corporate University

MLP Financial Consultant

2013 - 2015


Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator

Co-working Space

Techcode Accelerator Berlin

2016 - 2017