Dennis D

New York, New York, US

Dennis D's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Dennis D

It's no secret that the crowd finance industry is abuzz and is showing amazing growth rates as an asset class. That said, while all the buzz is about the newest and latest crowd finance platforms, an entire ecosystem of services and infrastructure is necessary to really scale crowd finance into a serious and lasting phenomenon.

I have spend my entire career working on Wall Street for many well known investment banks and have experience in areas such as product development, financial controls, Basel, and financial data science. I have also been an investor in crowd finance since the very beginning of this asset class in 2007 and have been active in the CF business community recently as well.

While I have worked in the USA my entire career I am originally from western Europe and I believe there are large untapped opportunities there. Using the knowledge from the United States I am working on a European venture (see benefiting from an enormous lead time to develop the infrastructure and contracts now that will be coveted in the near future!

If you are a full-stack or back-end developer and someone interested in Fintech, I would love to talk to you. I am looking for help in certain areas, such as API development. Are you interested to travel to Europe to work with us on this project and have a great experience living overseas while also changing finance? I am looking for both cofounders as well as paid contracts. Please email me on here and let’s talk!