Dennis Loebs


Kings County, New York, US

Founder at upStart Systems Corp.
Dennis's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Dennis

Looking in the rearview mirror, the common threads that appear in my company-founding experience are the identification of niche voids in a marketspace, or the creation of conspicuously differentiated value propositions.
Such opportunities can often present themselves to fresh eyes from outside an industry or market, but also (perhaps less commonly) from within, to eyes long trained on an industry or market.
In the present case, it's nearly embarrassing to admit that the opportunity has been visible to me (as user pain) for years. Throughout that time I lived under a continuous expectation that current players would exploit it. Then, about eighteen months ago, with no looming solution in sight, I asked myself (as I often do) a "What if...?" question--in this case, "What if you solved this problem yourself instead of waiting for others to do it?"
"What if?" indeed. So I dreamed a solution, retained an IP attorney, and set to work.

Work Experience


upStart Systems Corp.

May 2013 - December 2016