Dennis Nash

Detroit, Michigan, US

Owner, Market Results and Marketing and Business Growth Consultant
Dennis's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Dennis

Advised and helped dozens of mature and startup B2B innovative company leaders with impactful products and/or services, but were out of alignment with their market growth potential. These leaders and their teams were able to better define best sales and marketing process to meet their potential customers where they are. A key is to intersect potential customers buying decision cycle in a way that allows them to onboard your great new capabilities or price points.

In most cases, the advisees were able to demonstrate 2x to 10x improved ROI over current practices or other competitive alternatives. This led to getting sales increases over $1 million per year in 3 years or less within boot strap budgets and $10 million to $100 million per year with growth financing. Nearly all advisees attained higher sales growth with 20% to 100% higher sales and marketing productivity than their industry peers and quick payback on their growth investments.

Every product/service, best fit market(s), sales process and outstanding value chain scale up are unique journey for each founder/innovator team. Several advisees found a book titled "Selling The Wheel" by Stevens and Cox very insightful and a fun read. Many company leaders that were struggling with growth have found this well-researched content very helpful. We have found advisees were able to find new paths for their great growth system with this additional education.

Happy to share case studies or monthly educational newsletter, if helpful.

Work Experience

CEO and President

DataSpeaks Health Solutions

May 2013 - December 2016