Dennis Nthiga

Nairobi, Kenya

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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

About Dennis Nthiga

Hello guys. My name is Dennis and I'm a Business Developer with a programming background. Three years ago, while still in campus, my friend and i developed a web application as part of our school project. What was to be a school project however, turned into a real-time application. Upon launch, in mid 2013, our business yielded positive results that was beyond our expectations at the time.

We therefore decided to go all in and we have just completed the new application that we intend to work on full-time. The
response so far has been amazing and our sales projections for the next five years are quite promising.

Although we are very happy with our brainchild, the truth is that we cannot do this alone-technically we can, but our
motivation isn't to get there quick but to go further.

To do this, we require funds for advertising and launching an aggressive online marketing strategy that will help us conquer
new markets across the world and generate more revenues. We will need to hire experienced professionals to implement our

We seek a business partner(s) who will share our vision and be willing to invest some financial resources. We are willing to give a small proportion of our business in return or workout the terms of a loan. Either way, this will be relatively passive income for you. If you feel that a few thousand dollars in your pocket would serve you right then get in touch with me.

P.S: Sorry i could not share the specifics of our business here due to it's sensitive nature but i will be glad to do this in person
or through private messaging channels.Wishing you best of luck folks.

Thank you.



Business Information Technology

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