Dennis Pitcock

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Founder looking to build out my cofounding team. Web Dev, Design, Marketing
Dennis's Skills
Front End Developers
Business Development
Product Management

About Dennis

I have 3 years experience in eCommerce and 9 years in hospitality, specializing on the technology side. I see an opportunity arising in the travel advertising (lead generating) service. I already reached out to many executives of penitential partners and secured contracts and API specs. So we're ready to go. We we one of the winners of Temple University Be Your Own Boss Bowl this year as well, so our business plan is quite solid.

I've spent the past 6 months I've been dabbing in front end development myself. I've went the old angularJS route due to the amount of material out there, and now find myself dissecting and mashing directives to make it work. And work it does.

I need a marketer who can get users to the site with a low or no budget (until we raise a seed round). The better marketing campaign we run, the better evaluation we will have. Eventually I will also need a SWE experienced in integration, user accounts, and growth hacking. As a co-founder, you will have equal say in the direction of the company.

I am not looking for a development company unless they are looking to play a vested co-founder role.

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