Daan Stevenson , Intern

Denver, Colorado, US

Daan is looking for an internship

About Daan

Dates available

From 01/19/2016 to 03/15/2016


Will consider an unpaid internship

Recent accomplishments

I recently completed my PhD in aerospace engineering from CU Boulder, where I was funded by a prestigious NASA fellowship. Since then, I have built a small off the grid cabin on my mountain property outside of Crested Butte, and traveled to South America. I recently returned to Denver, where I hope to become involved in an interesting startup project.


About Daan

I prefer to work on innovative projects in a small entrepreneurial environment where I have the opportunity to significantly impact the product, rather than working for a large corporation where I am simply a minuscule cog in the machine.


UC Berkeley

Mechanical Engineering

2008 - 2008