Desmond Wong

Irvine, California, US

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Desmond Wong - Founding a new startup to launch an Open Platform for 3D heterogeneous integration (or called 3D system-in-package) for wireless connectivity devices. Desmond has 20 years of experience in disruptive innovation for the Wireless and RF Industry. He was in charge of advanced technologies and business development at Navman Wireless OEM and Telit Wireless Solutions in Irvine, California, where he developed the world's smallest and most sensitive GPS module Jupiter SE880 in using 3D-SiP technology, and the first complex RF device performs better than the original silicon chip it is based on. Prior to Navman, Desmond held various managerial positions at Brunswick New Technology, Skyworks, Conexant and Rockwell, where he was involved in strategic programs, M&A, due diligence, turnaround plan, advanced technology path finding, product line launch, design and manufacture of RF, CDMA, GPS, mixed signals and power management ICs for global customers. At Conexant, Desmond launched a game changing mixed-signal IC which was selected by Samsung to produce the "Matrix Phone" which was shown in the movie "Matrix Reload" in 2003. Desmond holds a First-Class Honors Bachelor of Electronics Engineering from the City University of Hong Kong. He is an inventor and has multiple patent applications pending. He received a patent grant for an optical memory design from the Innovation and Technology Commission of Hong Kong in 2004.

I see the demand of wireless connectivity devices are growing rapidly because of the proliferation of IoT, home energy control, fitness, healthcare, and many other wearable wireless products and coolest gadgets. However, the increase of complexity, miniaturization and functionality of RF and antennas cannot easily be resolved by starting a conventional design from a monolithic IC/chipset. The RF and antenna integration are always the problems passed onto customers for adverse user experience in range, performance and unreliable wireless connection.

Using 3D embedded technology is able to outperform the original wireless chipset, make it smaller, cheaper and faster time to market. With this successful prior experience, I am starting a venture to offer an OPEN PLATFORM for 3D SiP Integration. This is the very first company in the US.

So I hope to get more partners and some people who are talent in RF, Metamatrials, Antenna design, Fund Raising, and Marketing to join the expedition.


City University of Hong Kong

BEng (1st Hons) in Electronics Engineering

1995 - 1995