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Aged 32. 16 years experience as a Microsoft trained creator of websites and software with a very large skill-set covering databases, design and planning, building, testing, graphic design, UI front-end development, marketing etc. Experience includes multiple start-ups.

Mentored very young by a coding father, you could say it's in my DNA, and with a passion for health research - yes I've had my genome sequenced! I've now taken a strong focus for my career to specialise in data-science studying a masters in data science (part time so still full-time freelancer). This is because of a prototype for crowd-powered research I've ran and now I love this idea so want to get serious in the STEM field. - enough to see me discover my true passion in how to make my positive change in the world with my skills - crowd-powered data has huge exciting potential!

Health, Crime and Education are the areas I have ideas for big change. So I'm looking to find possible collaborators who share my big big passions and interests - ideally in medical research online. I'm freelancing full-time so I'm open to collaborating with anyone for mutual benefit and support on anything - working with collaborators beats freelancing on your own! I have my health project - so if you have something different to collaborate to earn funds - contact me! I have experience in all aspects of business, I prefer to self-fund and grow organically - even crowd fund (with the right collaborators) - I've used investors too. If data mining and big-data is also a love of yours - lets share ideas!. I've been involved is so many projects and significant start-ups that my value is not just technical, marketing, strategy, design or contacts - but priceless experience and learning curves already travelled!

I'm based in York, available to build new ideas, or just collaborate occasionally! I'm a technical geek first before design (started in shipping, logistics and accounting systems for UK port operators) - before branching out to every useful skill as the web became the new platform.

There are obviously personal experiences with people close to me that puts Medical Research at the top of my list, even when I've worked on jobs I've not enjoyed - I've returned to my passion projects in the evening to put the smile on my face and never loose touch with my passions - but now I want it all-day too! I'm a focused worker and used to earning reward from hard-work - the old fashioned graft way.

Get in touch to connect on LinkedIn to see my detailed profile (which is not public) for more info. If you share the same passions - lets network and swap support anyway!


Part-time study (around full-time work)

Masters in Data Science

2018 - 2018