Devin Guinn

Los Angeles, California, US

Devin's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Devin

As a business-minded big kid at StackCommerce, I'm tasked with finding innovative tech & men's lifestyle products to be featured on a network of 100+ stores with 100+ million reach. I helped Quarterly establish processes to improve the merchandising experience for their curated boxes. I led Fab's Fun merchandising department to embrace fun, colorful & quirky items that Fab's customers quickly embraced as some of it's all time best sellers at close to $30M in gross revenue in just 2 years. I have strong relationships with key brands within the adult, tech, toy, media & sports categories.

I'm looking for a like-minded co-founder to create an Adult Lifestyle e-commerce venture that fills a large gap in a growing market.


SUNY Geneseo

B.A. Musical Theatre

2006 - 2006