Devin Thayer

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Devin's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Devin

Looking to make an impact on this world. I've got a lot of ideas, but only one so far that's really taken hold. My strength lies in combining complex systems in real world situations by envisioning the end user experience first, then hacking away at the bits to sculpt the end product.

What my experience in mechanical engineering has taught me, beyond the use of spreadsheets, is how a small adjustment can greatly impact the larger product. We waste so much time in clunky systems just to delay our own execution to have more time to scratch our heads in hopes we have enough time to think of everything before something blows up. Sure, that means I've been paid to be a professional perfectionist, but it also means that I'm paid to deliver day after day.

What I'm looking for isn't more of the same. In fact, I'm looking for someone who moves quickly and passionately, who can be a powerhouse with their headphones plugged in... but still asks questions and provides valuable insight. I'm not looking for a workhorse, though I need work done; I'm looking for an efficient co-founder.

I'll post content, perfect the overall system, work front to back. You'll work from ground up with the various scripts. Together, we'll tie them together and launch in guided phases. I've some PHP knowledge, Wordpress knowledge, internet marketing knowledge, SEO knowledge, Social Media Marketing experience, etc. I need to focus on the front-end stuff, since the back-end stuff is not my forte.

On the other hand, I could also use a more business savvy-type. The more I learn about start-up culture, the less I know. The business plan needs a whole re-work, and if I'm focused on the user experience, I can't also focus on making press kits, presentations, promo videos, business plans, applications to accelerators, etc. I need to focus on the front-end stuff, since the start-up-end is not my forte.



BS Mechanical Engineering

2015 - 2015