Dewan Farhana

Strategy, Product Management, Operations

San Jose, California, US


About Dewan

I'm an MD turned entrepreneur, and I'm a cofounder of Decor+Design which is a platform that gives interior designers jobs by connecting them to users. Give our site a glance :)

We're a small team of founders with educational and industry backgrounds from MIT, Columbia, Rutgers and Samsung who have a strong vision, work collaboratively together, and know how to execute well.

We want someone to join our team and help elevate it even further; we are looking for someone who:

- Has an interest in platforms (our startup is focused on jobs for interior designers), startups, and raising funding
- Hard worker that is willing to go that extra mile late in the night or attend that very early meeting when necessary
- Feels comfortable talking to people about the start-up, going to recruitment talks, and building a user community
- Good at understanding new topics and conducting research
- Knows how to network
- Has an optimistic can-do attitude
- Low ego and not shy
- Patient and focused; understands that a startup is a lot of hard work and it takes time to grow but willing to remain focused and proactive


Cofounder and CEO of Decor+Design (