Dhammika Sriyananda

Colombo, Sri Lanka

VP Engineering, Principle Software Architect, Entrepreneur, Founder/CEO
Dhammika's Skills
Cloud Computing
Computer Engineering
Web Software Development
Software Development
Software Architectural Design
Enterprise Architecture
Strategic Advisory
Business Planning
Software Solution Architecture
Software Architecture
Product Management

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About Dhammika

A full-stack technology enthusiast, started as a hard-core coder ground-up, through designing/architecting large-scale enterprise products into re-eingineering production software systems to be suited with the best technology choices and business sense. Currently own the role of VP Engineering, Dhammika, overtaking all technology related matters of his projects, helping the teams to produce quality delivarables to their clients, performing technology management & research activities, and implementing engineering best-practices in the software lifecycle.

Presently into 2 major startups : One on software product development on Finance, Import/Export and People management areas; and one on tourism. Also an investor in manufacturing/production sector.


University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Bsc Engineering (Hons)

2003 - 2007

University of Moratuwa

MSc - Software Architecture

2014 - 2015