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We are building a Smarter way for Biz (Event) Networking. Your cup of tea? Read on..

Imagine that you are at a networking event of 100s of attendees, eager to build business/professional relationships.

Of course, add to it that, your time and money is invested at this event, and apart from having a little bit of fun here, you certainly have certain business objectives.

You got couple of more hours. Wondering whom to speak to, to get the maximum mutual benefit?

What if a magical wand can show you 'the folks' that you should connect with?

We're starting out on a journey from this premise.

But then, we believe that there's a better way in which technology could be used to build professional and biz relationships in today's world.

And that being linked to multiple connections is just simply,(hands down) not enough!.

Excites you? Let's talk.

About us:
I come from a Sales/BD/Marketing background. bit.ly/growthMarketer. Avid event attendee.
Presently based in Stockholm. Will be otherwise at Bangalore.

Akhil is a techie with 8 years exp. and is on a part time role now. Based in Chicago.

Who are we looking for?
1) Believes in the concept and excited about the market
2) Full stack developer (already / in the making)
3) Full stack sales/bd/marketing(already / in the making)

Shoot us an email at 100greencircles[at]gmail[dot]com with your profile (CV/Linkedin/Github)

Relevant links:

Initial post on the seed concept: bit.ly/eventnetworkingapp
Twitter: twitter.com/ConnectPlusApp
Website: signup.connectplus.co

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IIT Bombay

MBA Marketing

2012 - 2012