Dhar Rawal

Houston, Texas, US

Dhar's Skills
Product Management

About Dhar

I have founded three start-ups, one folded, one I pivoted into a long, lucrative consulting career, and the one that finally helped me become financially independent.

I also spent 20 years leading, designing and developing complex, large-scale software for companies such as Halliburton, Smiths Aerospace and Microsoft.

I am very left brained with an engineer's mindset, great with numbers and abstract thinking, an introvert, and full of ideas (get overwhelmed sometimes). I am not afraid to take risks and take action based on first principles. I am very strong on work ethics and personal integrity.

I am currently looking for meaningful ideas/project(s) to invest my time, expertise and resources. I also have a few ideas of my own...

I am looking for a creative, right-brained, people-person who is aggressive, an extrovert, enthusiastic, hard-working and focused. Somebody with impeccable ethics and integrity. If you are an expert in your field, even better. Above all, I am looking for somebody who does not give up in the face of failure, and can stay upbeat while facing extended rejection.

And, if you have moon-shot ideas, lets talk right now!


Virginia Tech

MS Mechanical Engineering

1990 - 1990