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I consider myself as a well rounded manager and business developer. With first hand experience in the online industry and with my exposure to various managerial aspects, I am confident that my idea would perform well in the market since its the need of the hour and is currently not available anywhere in the globe. Having handled positions of leadership and represented a large pool of people, I am quite confident of leading a team. Having worked in a startup before, I quite know the atmosphere that resonates your thoughts and keeps you going. Post Graduation in marketing management have just made me realize the underlying mines of opportunities in the country and I am up for exploring it. The idea for the startup has already been validated by some senior leaders in the online industry and they have encouraged me to go ahead with it. I am looking for someone who is passionate to create a product which is gonna make a difference and will be a revolution in the segment. Someone who has experience of web development and is a keen learner fits the bill.