Dallas, Texas, US

Dhillu's Skills
Product Management

About Dhillu

I am looking for a investor cum startup partner to invest in IT firm that will specialize in Mobile OS applications delivery as Service. In short, develop and deliver mobile apps to Customers for money. I can assure you profit of a million in a minimum 3 years span of time. I have faked few data to avoid spamming and identity theft. I will share my original profile and business idea on request.

Why Me and My idea?
* I get lot of projects for freelance work where i find lot of middlemen, who swallow huge portion of my revenue
* Nearly 4 years of developer experience. 25+ apps and few chartbusters.
* Acute skills shortage in Mobile Apps and designing
* Business idea is straight forward and will start generating revenue from day 1.
* No fancy stuffs

Partner I prefer
* Investor with Native English accent ( American accent if you live in US and British accent if you live in Britain)
* Someone who can actually sell or market ( I can help you with the content)
* Investment is nearly 0 dollars/Euro at the budding stage
Case 1: If the Project flourishes, Investment of 10,000 USD is alone required. You can recover your investment during first project completion.
Case 2: If the Project withers, the incurred loss is your valuable time and in the optimistic front,you still go with a startup experience.

I can share my business idea and my linkedin or my profile on request. I can also work as a developer ( primarily iOS ) on request.