dhruv kohli

Sydney, Australia

Looking for start-up to join, cofounded 3 start-ups, Ex UN Delegate
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Online Retail
National Retail
Account Directors
Account Management
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Accelerated Growth
Business Development
Public Relations

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About dhruv

Dhruv is service-oriented and quality-focused management leader and business enthusiast leveraging a recent Bachelor of Business & Commerce degree, 6 years of management experience and an innate understanding of consumer behaviour and its primary drivers to lead and engage staff and meet and exceed sales and profitability objectives. Dhruv is numerically talented with a logical mindset, underpinned by a foundation in accounting and business management. Applies an entrepreneurial spirit to identify and promote the use of cost-effective technologies that enhance decision-making capabilities, streamline operational efficiency and accelerate financial objectives. He is Persuasive and engaging communicator who builds positive professional relationships across all career-levels through natural rapport. Has a keen eye for assessing needs, determining best business and management practices to mitigate conflicts and generating innovative ideas that meet both customer and business needs. He Motivates, mentors and leads talented individuals into cohesive, high-performing teams through ongoing training, hands-on involvement and clear communication of expectations and goals. Instils a positive work culture that acknowledges individual contributions and supports professional development. Founded 3 start-ups, 4 times winner of Dean’s merit award, holder of various high achievement awards and scholarships worth $40000

Work Experience

Chief Operations Officer


January 2018 - Today

Brought on board to support the executive leadership team and lead the planning and financial direction for an online media start-up company that was suffering from financial instability. Interfaced directly with the CEO, managing the preparation and circulation of monthly and annual financial plans that delivered enhanced visibility over the company’s financial health and performance. § Reduced operational expenses and budgeted costs by 20% and 23%, respectively after conducting an internal audit that uncovered performance gaps and superfluous costs for services that offered no added business value. § Proposed alternative solutions—in the form of free online technology solutions—and advised the executive leadership team on strategies that balanced and maintained cost reductions while increasing business revenues and profits. Streamlined and monitored accounting processes and financial controls to actively identify risk, establish governance, ensure due diligence, and maximise financial productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Business Intern


January 2016 - March 2016

Interned with Google in Singapore while earning Bachelor of Business and Commerce degree to work on high-impact, challenging projects. Applied analytical and numerical skills to examine large data sets and support the development of innovative, scalable advertising support solutions for rapid-growth consumer products and brand advertising agencies

Future Leader

ALDI Stores

November 2013 - October 2017

Initially hired as a Retail Assistant and rapidly captured attention from the management team for natural leadership, natural customer service mentality and strong work performance, earning a promotion to Deputy Manager within the first year of hire. Progressed to a dual role as Store Manager and Future Leader—4 promotions within a 3-year period—to lead and develop 29 staff in the consistent delivery of strong customer service and high-quality products. Oversee the monthly planning and forecasting of the sales budget and track KPIs and a P&L of: $20 Million annually. Significantly decreased staff turnover rates from 43.2% to 8.4% by setting up one-to-one meetings with staff and managers to openly discuss the issues; organised team building events to transform the toxic work culture, enhance camaraderie and facilitate open communication and exchange of ideas between staff and management. Boosted sales and productivity by 16% and 16.2%, respectively and grew the customer base to 3,000 new monthly customers after implementing multiple change management initiatives—a 3-month endeavour—that reversed the poor management and store standards, low employee morale and declining sales and productivity. Recognised as the youngest Store Manager and Future Leader to date; continuously modelled best customer service practices and led through principle-based actions to inspire accountability on an individual and team level. Established and implemented store policies, procedures and objectives in conjunction with Area Managers and staff members; enforced and maintained policies and procedures governing occupational health and safety and minimised workplace hazards through clear direction and continual staff training and development. Regularly reviewed financial statements, sales and activity reports and performance data to measure productivity and goal progress and identify underperforming areas and opportunities for cost reduction and program improvement.

Summer Analyst

JP Morgan Chase and Co

November 2016 - January 2017

• Analyzing market data, building detailed financial models and preparing client presentations for mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts and capital markets advisory • Managing client transactions from pitch to close under the guidance of our senior leaders  Suggesting innovative and creative ways to solve complex, real-world business challenges

Team Leader at USLS Symposium

United Nations

August 2017 - September 2017


Western Sydney University

MBA [Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship]

2018 - 2020

Western Sydney University

Business and Commerce [Finance, Law and Management]

2013 - 2017


Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals



Western Sydney University Launchpad


Co-working Space

Western Sydney University Launchpad

2017 - Today