Victorville, California, US

Diana's Skills

About Diana

I am interested in starting a renewable energy company, including a company focused on grid storage, or a company that helps animals or helps to mitigate major environmental problems that we face today and that threaten the future of all life on the planet.

My background is in energy storage with batteries. My doctorate involved research on a lithium battery with a high enough specific energy for an electric vehicle but with an insufficient cycle life.

I hoped to start a biodiesel refinery, but after researching the technology and financials, I decided that this industry is best suited for large corporations that are already equipped to produce low-value commodities on a large scale (e.g. Valero). The waste oil version of this industry doesn't scale well.

I would like to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs to brainstorm and discuss our ideas and decide which to pursue, or I would like to join a startup.

As far as location is concerned, I am open to working with people anywhere within a 100 mile radius of the High Desert, which includes L.A., Orange County, Pasadena, Riverside, etc.


UC Berkeley

PhD Chemical Engineering

2002 - 2002


Chemical Engineering

1992 - 1992

UC Berkeley

MS, Chemical Engineering

1994 - 1994