Diana C

San Francisco, California, US

Diana's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Diana

I am founder of JobVille, a mobile platform that helps students build readiness for jobs before they graduate. My domain expertise: 20+ years experience in education...as an educator, college and career consultant.

We are currently in development with a beta scheduled in August. I'm seeking an experienced CTO-entrepreneur to join me in a co-founding role. The ideal cofounder will have previous startup/fundraising experience and be comfortable taking on a variety of roles as needed.

The biggest challenge facing college grads is landing a job aligned with their skills and interests. A staggering 49% of recent US grads are underemployed.

I'm passionate about solving this problem which affects youth worldwide. The problem is huge, as are the opportunities. It's a problem I understand well: last year I won a national competition sponsored by The Economist magazine to find solutions to the skills gap problem and presented my winning solution at a higher ed conference in NYC.

I'm interested in chatting with potential cofounders who share my passion for building a product that will positively impact the lives of millions of students.

Bonus points: a strong network of contacts, startup/fundraising experience or experience in gaming industry