Dick Teno

Garden Grove, California, US

Dick's Skills
Business Development
User Experience
Product Management

About Dick

AdSauce is a SaaS platform providing revenue and social tools for community-based websites such as churches, schools, youth sports, bloggers, etc... The overall market is a half trillion dollar space. We think we have a solution to the pain in the marketplace. We have been out in beta since early last year with good acceptance and excellent feedback. We have identified many changes we wish to make. The team we were using was not up to the task of making those changes in a timely manner. We have customers waiting for our new release. Once those changes are made and customers are onboard, we will be ready to seek our first round of financing. We are rebuilding a team that can help us with this push. As previously stated, we are a startup prior to funding. Compensation will be in an alternative form and structured for the individual needs and the experience brought to the table. Reap the rewards of a startup!

I am experienced as a CEO with startups under my belt. I have successfully raised money in the past. We are on track to be successful raising money for this venture. We just need you.